Two Hearts, Two souls, On One path!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


For Christmas we spent the weekend in Richfield UT with the Curtis clan! We had so much fun! Sense we went out of town for the Holiday we opened our Christmas early! I got a new camera the Canon Rebel! With Kam deciding to join the Navy we need a new camera so he can see his little Bentley grow while he is gone! So mommy got a very nice camera! I think Kam uses it more than I do! We are in our 30th week of pregnancy and ready for our Bentley to be here already! Mommy is getting uncomfortable and Daddy is done with her complaints! He has been a HUGE help to me the last few months and I am very thankful for him! I love you baby! More about Bentley... He is finding a new home in mommies ribs and loves the full bladder for a punching bag luckily he isnt big enough to make it empty when he hits it!!! At our last appointment we were measuring small so we get to see him again, and we have gone from 1 a month appointments to every two weeks! that means he is so close!! We will be posting more pics in a week! We get our 3d and 4d ultrasound!!! SO EXCITED!

Friday, October 8, 2010


These last few weeks have been nuts! I am now 19 weeks along and waiting til wednesday to see if we get out Bentley Hyde or Mataya Elizabeth! All i know is baby better be showing its goods for it will be grounded for a long time!!!! haha or til its born! cause mom doesnt have the patience to wait til march 4th! we have been super busy this last week especially! we are moving which sucks but its good cause my parents house sold!!! busy packin and finding a place to stay!!! we baught a new car this last week as well!!! a 2010 nissa altima! i LOVE IT!!!!! it is nice to have a reliable car! well there we are for the last few weeks! i will be posting again forsure on wednesday when we find out what our little one is going to be!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


So it has been a CRAZY few months! I have finally hit the point where I feel good about announcing that i am PREGNANT again! I have heard our heartbeat! We will see our little treasure on March 4th 2011! As of today I am 12 weeks along and baby is growing and I know this becuase of my tummy haha! Its growing alittle bit! Ive been very sick which is bad and good all at the same time! I am hating this sickness but its a blessing becuase I wasnt sick with the first one!
We decided to tell our friends on my birthday! We had a cake made for us and it is a home pregnancy test! (A pee stick) And here is the picture of our wonderful cake!
We Love you all! Hope to see you soon!

BABY agaub

Monday, May 10, 2010

Crazy Few Weeks!!!

So these last few weeks have been CRAZY!!!! To start off our little one decided it wasnt time to come to this crazy world :( a little depressing but we will see the baby some day! After that pain and saddness i decided to cut my hair! YAY my A-line is back! love it! and then we have been moving into the new house! well old house for me... it is my parent rental which i lived in all during high school and i love it! so fun to have more space and an acutal house! it will be nice for when kam is gone at work for 8 days at a time! and then after that we have had lots of weddings! first of all the larsens! Brandon and Beronica, i did lots of hair for their beautiful day! then the next weekend it was up to Bountiful for the pettits! Matt and Lindey! all i got to do was enjoy my weekend off up with my husband! now just hangin out wait for more weddings and life together!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kamerons first Nelson Reunion!!!

This last weekend we had the chance to go to vegas for kams first reunion! we went to dinner with the cousins the night before the big day for kam meeting the family! we stayed at luke and jess house so kam and i could see the boys! grant and logan love kam so much! we were woken up by the boys and played with them in the morning! then off to the church we celebrated birthdays and different things in the months! we went to every month and we were with the months we were born and so me and kam were not in the same group which was great for him to get to know the rest of the family!!! oh so fun! i think we should do cousin dinner again! it was so much fun! thanks to stacey for putting it all together for us!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Yes its true!!! We are having a baby!!! We found out Thursday March 4th that I am pregnant! We will find out my due date on April 2nd! We think that our due date is around November 10th! But we arent sure yet! We cannot wait for the little one to start growing and showing more to make it feel real! I havent been sick! YET!! We are praying that i dont get sick! I am loving being pregnant just like i said i cant wait for him/her to start showing and for us to know what gender it is! YAY!!! its out!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

One Year!

So today is one year from the day kam proposed to me in Hawaii, on Kam 1 beach! Oh how I wish we could have gone back for spring break again! I cant believe its been one year sense that day! It felt like forever waiting for out wedding day! apparently it went by so fast!
So far we are just livin life! Kam is still working at Big O tires and still at Dixie State til December! He is loving his classes and work keeps him very busy! I see him at night only! :( Not so fun but we keep busy! I am still at Albertsons as a checker! I do hair out of my house still so I am keeping up on that!
I love you baby! I am so glad we have been married for almost 5 months this month! You are the best husband I couldnt as for a better man!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


so for our actual honeymoon we went to L.A.! it was a blast! being with you best friend in california for 8 days! doing all the things we love! like a Lakers game! star seating and was a blast! then hollywood! went on a tour found where i wanna live when he becomes a lawyer! and no its not beverly hills haha well kinda but hollywood hills oh i love it up there! and then the on to venice beach for the day crazy guy has kam help him in his little walkin on broken glass so funny! then off to disneyland for 3 days!!! so fun and so worth it! hopper pass was amazing! and then the long drive home kinda sucked! but oh how fun was that!