Two Hearts, Two souls, On One path!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Yes its true!!! We are having a baby!!! We found out Thursday March 4th that I am pregnant! We will find out my due date on April 2nd! We think that our due date is around November 10th! But we arent sure yet! We cannot wait for the little one to start growing and showing more to make it feel real! I havent been sick! YET!! We are praying that i dont get sick! I am loving being pregnant just like i said i cant wait for him/her to start showing and for us to know what gender it is! YAY!!! its out!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

One Year!

So today is one year from the day kam proposed to me in Hawaii, on Kam 1 beach! Oh how I wish we could have gone back for spring break again! I cant believe its been one year sense that day! It felt like forever waiting for out wedding day! apparently it went by so fast!
So far we are just livin life! Kam is still working at Big O tires and still at Dixie State til December! He is loving his classes and work keeps him very busy! I see him at night only! :( Not so fun but we keep busy! I am still at Albertsons as a checker! I do hair out of my house still so I am keeping up on that!
I love you baby! I am so glad we have been married for almost 5 months this month! You are the best husband I couldnt as for a better man!