Two Hearts, Two souls, On One path!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So no joke Tom Hanks was here in St George yesterday! and he stopped at Albertsons! him and his brother are passin thru to go to park city for a relaxing vacation! And yes i got to meet him! he is an awesome guy he stayed out in his car and we went and talked to him and got pictures with him! he didnt get out which didnt surprise us! i wasnt expecting him to jump out for a pic! he said that we could take them by the car! and he would keep talkin! haha! he was way cool tho! we chitchated for like 15-20 min i had to get back to work and didnt want to bug him that much! but yeah there is a fun story to tell the kids in a few years! there is a pic!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NAHA weekend!

So this last weekend on July 19th we went to NAHA! It is North American Hairstyling Awards! I kinda made kam go! But it was a blast he got to see the kind of work that people do just to be creative! People i knew from last year had either students or even won themselves! I have decided that i want to enter next year under colorist of the year! Its going to be way fun and also way stressful waiting for the envelope in the mail! wow it will be crazy! I cant wait Kam even said im behind you 100% if you really want to do this! so i am!!! It was down in vegas so we stayed at Luke and Jess house which is always a blast! wakin up to the boys wantin kam to wake up is so fun! and while i was sitting there talkin to Grant while kam was in the shower Grant said " Kayla Kameron is my best friend!" and kids never lie about that stuff when they are 3 it was so dang cute! here are a few pictures from the award show!