Two Hearts, Two souls, On One path!

Monday, September 21, 2009


So sense my last post! we have done ALOT! We did our engagements, my birthday, our bridals and kam has moved in to our place! its been crazy its all comin together FINALLY!
So for our engagements we went to the middle of town did the alley way and the tabernacle! it was way fun and i love all the pictures i am going to put a few on here! (none that are on the announcements so you can wait for those!)
For my birthday kam had the WHOLE day planned out! he made me breakfast and came and woke me up with it! and then i got ready and we went to the dmv to get a new license sense i turned 21!!! and then he suprised me and we went to zion! i havent been there with him or even in ages! and he had a picnic for me! we walked around for a few hours! then we came home took a nap! and kam had dinner made for me at his house! it was so nice! and then we went and picked out a movie and came back to my house where he had my fam over and kasen and maddy for ice cream and cake!! it was way fun! great job babe thanks!
And our bridals!!!! we dont have them back yet cause we just did them! but we were at the brigham young house and by the pasta factory and social hall! they are going to be amazing! i loved the way she had us pose!
And now Kam moved in!!! YAY its so fun to get it ready! yes he just moved in but to see our sofa and love seat and all our stuff in there is way to fun!!! cant wait til its done and i can actually move in and live there!!!
we love you all! and hope to see you on october 24th!!!