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Monday, May 10, 2010

Crazy Few Weeks!!!

So these last few weeks have been CRAZY!!!! To start off our little one decided it wasnt time to come to this crazy world :( a little depressing but we will see the baby some day! After that pain and saddness i decided to cut my hair! YAY my A-line is back! love it! and then we have been moving into the new house! well old house for me... it is my parent rental which i lived in all during high school and i love it! so fun to have more space and an acutal house! it will be nice for when kam is gone at work for 8 days at a time! and then after that we have had lots of weddings! first of all the larsens! Brandon and Beronica, i did lots of hair for their beautiful day! then the next weekend it was up to Bountiful for the pettits! Matt and Lindey! all i got to do was enjoy my weekend off up with my husband! now just hangin out wait for more weddings and life together!