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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bentley Hyde....

It has been far too long sense I have posted! We have been WAY busy! Bentley is way to much fun to put down for a few min to do our blog haha! Lets see what all has happened sense my last post!

Bentley was blessed by his daddy on May 1! We had a great turn out! Thanks to those that came to support us! Kam and Bentley had matching ties! so cute! Kam did an awesome job and we enjoyed all the family we got to hang out with at the park afterwords!

Bentley got a new swim suit! Yeah its a little bit to big but we were going swimmin and he needed one! I went to Old Navy and figured I should look for one for Bentley and when I turned the corner there was the PERFECT swim suit! SUPERMAN his daddy loves it! Kam is kinda obsessed with superman so it was too perfect! He looked so cute in it! I will post a few of the pictures from the day at the pool on here!!!

It was kinda cold and he didnt like it at first...

but then he liked it.....

mom froze for the family piture!..........

All smiles......

All tuckered out....
10 min was too long for him to swim haha! he was exhausted when we got out! I cannot believe how big he is getting so fast... We love you Bentley Hyde Stowe! We sure do love being your mommy and daddy!

Friday, March 25, 2011


So I have been a HUGE slacker! Our boy is here! He came on his due date! March 4th and was 7 lbs 13 oz and 20 inches long! Labor was only about 9 hrs from time my water broke at 6 pm while walkin into durangos... and then at 2:34 am on March 4th our little Bentley Hyde Stowe entered this crazy world! It is truly crazy at how you can love someone so much! But words cant explain how much I love that little guy!

As of today he is 3 weeks old... We have seen him laugh and cry in his sleep! He has the CUTEST smile and pouty face! He is getting so chunky he is over 9 lbs already! He is just like me when it comes to sleep, he sleeps ALOT and hates waking up! We have a cranky boy when he wakes up and its cute it only lasts a few min then hes awake and happy!

I took some newborn pictures of him yesterday! It only took 3 hours and 5 fountains of pee to get thru it! He would wake up so mad at me then I would have to put him back to sleep and he would cooperate!

Well the little guy is wakin up so I get to go cuddle the boy!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Almost Done!

We only have 3 WEEKS left!!!!!!! Its been a crazy few weeks....
Kam surprised me on new years while i was at work and put up the crib and changing table! A few weeks later had the Maternity pictures taken! they turned out so cute!

Last Saturday the girls and i partied it up at the baby shower! Bentley got SOOO much cute stuff! clothes and blankets and things he needs!
We are so excited to welcome him into our home soon! As much as i want him here i want him to come on his due date March 4th! my main reason is cause of the first pregnancy! we found out on March 4th about being pregnant and i think it would be so fun to remember both on the same day! both blessings one baby we get to raise later!
The next post will probably be the announcement of bentleys arrival! love you all!