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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Almost Done!

We only have 3 WEEKS left!!!!!!! Its been a crazy few weeks....
Kam surprised me on new years while i was at work and put up the crib and changing table! A few weeks later had the Maternity pictures taken! they turned out so cute!

Last Saturday the girls and i partied it up at the baby shower! Bentley got SOOO much cute stuff! clothes and blankets and things he needs!
We are so excited to welcome him into our home soon! As much as i want him here i want him to come on his due date March 4th! my main reason is cause of the first pregnancy! we found out on March 4th about being pregnant and i think it would be so fun to remember both on the same day! both blessings one baby we get to raise later!
The next post will probably be the announcement of bentleys arrival! love you all!

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  1. We're excited for you and Kameron. Can hardly wait for the news when he comes.